NHL Trends: hockey media sticking up for former NHL players with post-concussion syndrome

In his latest post for The Hockey News, Adam Proteau discussed former NHL enforcer Gino Odjick‘s stay in the psychiatric ward at a Quebec hospital, and how we as fans can do more to help ex-NHLers get proper help. Concerning our responsibility to NHL players with post-concussion syndrome, Proteau wrote:

“But now that the 43-year-old is in a vulnerable state, who is the enforcer protecting him? That’s supposed to be the rest of us, folks. And by “us”, I mean the same fans who stood and cheered him with every thrown and absorbed punch; simply because we purchased tickets to watch him play doesn’t mean we can forget him now, too. Yes, Odjick is responsible for his actions and the choices he made, but anyone who callously says, “he knew the risks” and just forgets about him hasn’t owned up to their complicity in the post-career condition of players.”

Quote courtesy of The Hockey News. Read full article here.

As post-concussion syndrome becomes more publicized and we, as society, become increasingly aware of the struggles faced by former NHL players, we have an opportunity to utilize social media and other avenues to stand up for the players we grew up watching. Proteau’s call-to-action gives “us” fans something to think about. Read the full article to find out what Proteau thinks the National Hockey League can do to help its retirees.