Former Montreal Canadiens enforcer Gino Odjick admitted to psychiatric ward in Quebec

Former NHL enforcer with the Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks, Gino Odjick, was recently admitted to the psychiatric ward at Pierre-Janet hospital in Gatineau, Quebec, according to the Journal de Montreal, via Puck Daddy.

Odjick’s father passed away last week.

The reason this is worthy of news is because Odjick has cited concussions as the cause of his stay at hospital. According to a translation by Cam Charron of Canucks Army dot com and The Leafs Nation dot com, here is an excerpt from Marc De Foy’s article in the Journal de Montreal:

“Gino Odjick is going through some difficult times. Last week, he attended his father’s funeral. This weekend, he was admitted to hospital for problems related to concussions he sustained during his hockey playing career.”

Quote courtesy of Canucks Army dot com, via Puck Daddy. Read full blog here