The Chris Stewart Appeal

March 21, 2013 by The Hockey Daily


Chris Stewart plays the game with power and finesse. Often when talking about a particular player it is custom to make a comparison in order to paint a clearer picture. No two players are alike, but if comparisons are a must, Chris Stewart’s game resembles that of Cam Neely, Todd Bertuzzi and Jarome Iginla.

The big righty with good hands and a great shot can score. It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t a prolific scorer right out of the gate. Neither were Cam, Todd or Jarome. What makes Stewart so good is that he can kill you many ways. He’s a heart and soul guy. Stewart is capable of scoring a big goal or two, throwing a bone crushing body check, or dropping the gloves to  hand out some black eyes. He’s a triple threat.

The Fourth Period reported on March 14, that teams are calling the Blues about Stewart but that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily trade him. No surprise there. Chris Stewart is the type of player every team is looking for. This season, the Blues expected Oshie and Perron to break out as elite scorers and neither have. Trading Stewart to hold onto either of Oshie or Perron isn’t an easy decision anymore. Chris Stewart is moving into elite scorer territory. He can shoot, or score in tight.

With Stewart, Tarasenko, Oshie and any of Backes, Sobotka, Steen and McDonald capable of playing RW, it’s no contest who has the most depth at right wing in the league right now.

The Blues may not be living up to expectations this season but Chris Stewart is exceeding them. Their power forward is making a strong case for himself as one of the leagues elite top wingers. He possesses a combination of heart and skill that very few can compare to.

Stewart has 14 goals and 28 points in 29 games. Impressive numbers, but stats aren’t everything. Stewart is one of those players you have to watch to appreciate.

How many 14 goal scorers in the NHL have fought Zack Kassian, Antoine Roussel, Derek Dorsett and Brandon Bollig this seaosn? The answer is one, Chris Stewart. He’s the type of player that will score Gordie Howe hat tricks once a month.

Over the next few weeks the highly coveted Stewart should garner some interesting offers from teams in need of a player with his skill set (every team needs a Stewart). It should be interesting to see what the Blues do if a great offer is proposed to them. Remember, before they were stars Cam Neely, Todd Bertuzzi and Jarome Iginla were traded too. Patience pays off with power forwards. Stewart was traded once. He’s home now.