Wikipedia trades Ryan Miller to St. Louis Blues for Jaroslav Halak

Fantasy hockey general managers, St. Louis Blues fans, and Buffalo Sabres supporters were in disarray last night when Wikipedia posted that Ryan Miller had been traded for Jaroslav Halak and a 2nd round pick. The trade, of course, is not real. As of right now, Ryan Miller to St. Louis is nothing more than a rumour, albeit, a fairly realistic one.

Wikipedia’s report on the trade was quickly removed from the informative website, well before I was able to locate the mishap and snap a screenshot, however, in the brief results page description, the trade claim lingered, and I got it! Here it is:

Ryan Miller, St. Louis Blues

Wikipedia mishap, Ryan MIller traded to St. Louis Blues for Jaroslav Halak.

As you can see, one of Wikipedia’s editors, or a hacker – pulling a prank, I assume – published false trade details stating the St. Louis Blues and Buffalo Sabres swapped netminders. At this time, no such trade has been made official. However, the hoax is not the first mention of Ryan Miller to St. Louis this season.

Ryan Miller becomes a UFA at the end of 2013-14. The Buffalo Sabres – who are undergoing a complete roster overhaul and rebuild – may choose to unload Miller at the upcoming trade deadline in return for valuable assets. The St. Louis Blues could be interested in Miller’s services. If the package going back to Buffalo is a lesser goaltender like Halak, and a 2nd round pick, I’d imagine the asking price might be suitable for St. Louis – who are a Stanley Cup contender with a realistic shot at going all the way this spring.

It’s all hearsay and hoaxes at this point, but Ryan Miller to St. Louis is a rumour that has circulated at least once already. Sean McIndoe of Grantland suggested as much in one of his entertaining predictive articles published on November 21:

“Three predictions for the rest of the way: The Bruins pull away in the East. The Rangers get it figured out and easily capture the third Metro playoff spot. The Blues pull the trigger on a late-season trade for Ryan Miller.”

Quote courtesy of Grantland. Read full article here.

Incumbent goaltenders Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott have been good enough to assist the Blues in holding down the second spot in the Central Division, a mere two points behind the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks for first heading into tonight’s action. But are they good enough to win a Cup? If St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong feels his current duo may bring the team down in the post-season, Wikipedia’s Miller trade might be foretelling.

The NHL trade deadline is scheduled for March 5, 2014, according to CBS Sports.