Bruins vs Blackhawks, the Ever Important Game 3.

Monday, June 17, 2013 by Sal Ientile of The Hockey Daily.


How important is Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals?

@NHL Tweeted this today:

“Did you know? Teams winning Game 3 after splitting the first 2 two games have gone on to win the #StanleyCup 21 of 25 times since 1939.” 

So it’s pretty important.

Some playoff trends:

The Chicago Blackhawks are 0-3 in Game 3’s so far in the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, allowing 3 goals each time.

The Bruins are 3-0 in Game 3’s so far. They have not allowed more than 2 goals in their previous Game 3 appearances.

With the series now in Boston for two games, it is worth noting that the Bruins have not lost on home ice since Game 6 of the first round. It’s also worth noting that they’ve never played Chicago on home ice yet. Regardless, the evidence is clear. The Bruins are very difficult to beat at home, especially in Game 3’s.

If tonight’s game goes to overtime, well then, that’ll be three in a row to the open the series, something that hasn’t happened since 1951. If the first two games are any indication, a third straight OT is very possibly, but not highly probable.

You know who is overdue?

Jonathan Toews is well overdue to score a big goal. We all know he’s got it in him. Tonight could be the night he breaks out of his scoring slump. He’s played great in the first two games of the series. He’ll get one soon you’d have to think.

On the flip side, Jaromir Jagr has done everything but light the lamp. He came very close in Game 2 overtime, smoking one off the post.

Seguin needs one to boost his confidence. Defensively he’s been wise beyond his years, but the kid’s a goal scorer. He wants to score goals in the Stanley Cup Finals.


It’s hard to know if momentum plays a huge part in weakening the spirit of two recently crowned Cup championship cores. After Game 1, there was talk that the Bruins triple overtime loss was a huge momentum killer. They won game 2. Now some have said the Bruins have all the momentum coming home with the split. But, can you sustain game-to-game momentum against a team like Boston or Chicago? Or are they too experienced and determined to let yesterday negatively affect today? I believe the latter.

Should be a wild one tonight at the TD Garden in Boston. The anthem will be blasting, crowd roaring, and teams jumping. My only prediction is that we’re in for another great game.