The Front-Runners For Vinny Lecavalier.

June 29, 2013 by The Hockey Daily.  

The hockey world was slightly shocked on Thursday when the Tampa Bay Lightning announced their intentions to buyout captain Vinny Lecavalier. There was never a belief the Bolts shouldn’t buyout Vinny, but there was a belief that they wouldn’t go through with it.

So, where is Vinny going? Let’s do a little bit of logical guessing based on the little information we have and the conclusions we can draw from it. Apparently, Lecavalier is going to release a list of teams he’ll sign with. Until that list is known, it’s hard to gauge exactly what Vinny is thinking or where he wants to play.

The Montreal Canadiens are an obvious choice to make a pitch for Lecavalier because he’s a home town guy and they need help up the middle. Sounds like a perfect fit right? Unfortunately, he may decide not to go there. Lecavalier has always played in sunny Florida, away from cold winters and large media scrums. It could be that Vinny wants his new team to share that in common with his old one.

Habs fans would love to have the big french Canadian centre in their lineup that’s for sure. If Vinny has a soft spot for his home province he could very well be a member of the Canadiens as soon as July 5th.

Here are some Tweets about Lecavalier that provide more clues about where he may end up:

Howard Berger of the Fan 590: “Can say with good authority that David Nonis has spoken to agent for Vince Lecavalier. #Leafs clearly want upgrade at C. Could be a good fit.”

Pierre LeBrun of ESPN: “Hearing that the Chicago Blackhawks do NOT have interest in Vincent Lecavalier. Many Hawks fans saw him as No. 2 C solution.”

Ryan Rishaug of TSN: “Sources say Lecavalier and his agent will meet directly with teams over the next 3-5 days, and will take time in making decision.”

Pierre LeBrun of ESPN: “Add the Boston Bruins to the long list of teams that have inquired about Vincent Lecavalier.” 

The Fourth Period: “Hearing DET, SJ, MTL, TOR, BOS, DAL, FLA, OTT, CGY, NYR are among the teams that will reach out to Lecavalier, if they haven’t already.”