Thoughts On Tonight’s Games.

May 6, 2013 by The Hockey Daily.

The Rangers Must Win.

Looking to avoid the same fate as their 1994 Stanley Cup Final Foes (Vancouver Canucks) the New York Rangers cannot afford to lose tonight’s game against the Washington Capitals. The Caps hold a comfortable 2-0 series lead at the moment and another win would all but end the Rangers chances of duplicating last year’s playoff success. The Canucks lost an important Game Three last evening, putting themselves in a 3-0 deficit against a hungry Sharks team. Canucks goaltender Cory Schneider had an admittedly bad third period in San Jose dispelling any chance the Canucks had to win the game and make the series close again. The Rangers can at least be confident their goaltending will hold up.

Does Anyone Know What To Expect Between The Maple Leafs and Bruins Tonight?

After a very dominant Game One win for the established Boston Bruins, the green Toronto Maple Leafs bounced back to win Game Two with authority. Because the Leafs are such a playoff unknown it’s hard to speculate what will happen next. Was Boston’s win a sign of how powerful they can be when playing their game or a disastrous first playoff experience for a bunch of young Leafs? Was the Leafs win evidence that they can beat the Bruins with quick counter attacks and simple defensive hockey or did the Bruins just follow suit with their regular season inconsistencies? The truth is probably an interesting combination of all things mentioned above and more. Tonight’s game will help paint a much clearer picture. Unless one team dominates again.

Big, Fast, Youthful Ducks Look Too Powerful For Red Wings.

The series may be 2-1 for the Ducks but Anaheim have looked better. Their size, speed and power up front has been too much for the Red Wings on many long stretches of play in the first three games of the series. The Wings are the Wings. Of course they have a chance to win this thing, but it hasn’t looked good so far. The Ducks have been relentless in their pursuit of the puck, sometimes overwhelming Detroit with deadly force. Tonight the Ducks can take a strangle hold lead over the Wings if they continue to out muscle them for lose pucks and front of the net real estate. The Wings, always so great at possessing the puck, don’t have the personnel to dominate that way anymore. For them to win they will need to be much better without the puck than they have been so far in this series. And they’ll have to do it for sixty minutes, potentially more.

The Blues And Kings Are Putting On A Show.

It’s hard to find any great admirer of the game who isn’t on the edge of their seats for the entirety of a St. Louis Blues/Los Angeles Kings playoff game so far in these young playoffs. The Blues lead 2-1 but they games have been close. Both teams are similarly designed and equally as mean and aggressive. The punishment being dished out amongst the players in this classic series is a level above most of the other battles going on right now. These teams love to hit people. Tonight’s game is in Los Angeles. So far the home team has won every game in the series and if the Kings keep that trend alive the series will be tied at 2 after four games. Hockey fans everywhere are hoping for a seventh game here.