The Corey Perry Dilemma

With Ryan Getzlaf signed to a long term deal the Anaheim Ducks can focus all their attention on signing former Hart Trophy winner Corey Perry. The Ducks are 2nd in the Western Conference with 37 points but management can’t be comfortable with their current situation. All reports suggest Perry is set on testing free agency this summer, which means the Ducks face the risk of losing him for nothing.

Ducks General Manager Bob Murray has to decide if he wants Perry in his lineup for a run at the Stanley Cup at the risk of losing him for nothing or if it’s better to trade Perry to the highest bidder before the April 3rd trade deadline and pursue a championship without one of the best players in the league.

From the outside looking in, the thought of losing Perry for nothing is unacceptable. However, if the Ducks ultimate goal is to win the Cup this year it could be a risk worth taking. The likeliness of comparable compensation in a trade for Corey Perry is not realistic. He will most likely fetch offers that help the Ducks long term but decrease their chances this season. What makes this more difficult for Ducks’ GM Murray is that Perry may refuse to sign a deal if traded which will greatly affect the size of the prize coming back.

The resigning of Ryan Getzlaf could sway Corey Perry to stay a Duck. The two have been line mates for the majority of their careers developing a chemistry comparable to the Sedin twins. A shot at another Cup could also convince Perry to stay in Anaheim long term. The Ducks are in a good position to challenge for the championship this season.