Ottawa Senators: Bobby Ryan receives apology from Team USA GM David Poile

The 2014 Sochi Olympics Team USA roster was officially announced immediately following the Winter Classic on January 1st. One very surprising omission from the final roster was Ottawa Senators goal scorer Bobby Ryan.

Shortly after USA Hockey’s announcement of the roster, an extensive, in depth article was published by Scott Burnside of ESPN. Within Burnside’s article were several quotes taken from the selection process, including player evaluations, back-and-forth analysis, and insight regarding which players were locks and which, surprising names, were never truly in the running for a spot on the 25 man unit. Also, there were some fringe players who had supporters within the team’s esteemed group of selectors, but didn’t enjoy full support. Bobby Ryan didn’t enjoy full support.

The aftermath of the article focused mainly on comments made by Calgary Flames president of hockey operations, Brian Burke. The outspoken hockey man made some unflattering comments about Ryan. When picking a team as important as the American Olympic hockey team, unflattering comments should be expected, however, in the case of Bobby Ryan, some took offence to his absence from the final roster, and the comments made about him in the article.

At one point in the article, Ryan’s potential status on the team is called into question by doubting members of management.

“I think he’s sleepy. I think he skates sleepy.”

Quote courtesy of Scott Burnside’s incredibly candid and insightful article for ESPN. I highly recommend you read the full in-depth article, which can be found here.

Team USA general manager David Poile has apologized publicly to Bobby Ryan, says HNIC’s Elliott Freidman:

Finally, Poile made his apology to media:

“If that was said about me or one of my players, or I was Bryan Murray or Bobby or his agent, I would be very upset with this. I’ve apologized as much as I can.”

Quote courtesy of CBS Sports. Read full article here.