San Jose Sharks: Patrick Marleau car accident injury status

San Jose Sharks long-time sniper Patrick Marleau was involved in a car accident on Wednesday, November 19. As you can see from the tweet below, his vehicle took some punishment. As bad as the car looks, all initial reports claimed that the longest serving player in Sharks history was not physically hurt in the incident.

The Score published an article yesterday suggesting Marleau, is in fact, feeling “sore” the day after his involvement in the accident. Read full update by The Score here

Should Sharks fans be worried about the Patrick Marleau car accident? Well, it doesn’t appear like there is anything to worry about. Marleau walked away from the crash using his own power. His claim to feeling “sore” isn’t exactly career ending – NHL players are accustomed to being sore, they play a physical sport at the highest level for a living.

The driver of the other car was reportedly taken away in an ambulance, however, details on the status of that driver are not readily available at this time. For a full update on the car accident explore these articles by the San Jose Mercury News and CSN Bay Area.