Social Media allowed at Sochi 2014, Winter Olympics in Russia

Contrary to many reports that circulated throughout the day (including this one, this one and this one), journalists are in fact allowed to utilize social media at Sochi 2014 in Russia. The original story out of Russia intimated that members of the media would not be permitted the use of mobile phones or tablets for the purpose of sharing stories on Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms. As it turns out, media members are in fact allowed to share first-hand accounts through social media, however, they are not granted permission to share video.

Here is a statement from International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams:

“Accredited media may freely utilize social media platforms or websites for bona fide reporting purposes. Photos taken by accredited photographers may be published for editorial purposes on social media platforms or websites in accordance with the Photographers Undertaking. The Olympic Symbol – i.e. the five interlaced rings, which is the property of the IOC – can be used by accredited media for factual and editorial purposes, for example in a news article covering the Olympic Games. All other provisions of these Guidelines apply.”

Quote courtesy of the Huffington Post dot com. Read full story here.