Colorado Avalanche: Patrick Roy puts Giguere in his place

After the best start in franchise history – the Avalanche went (14-2) in their first 16 games – reality has caught up to Patrick Roy’s club. The St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks have blown by the Avs in the standings, both teams amassing considerable leads on the third place team from Colorado.

When things aren’t going right, tensions arise; the name calling begins; players question each other, and coaches demand more from their team. And to be fair, the Avs don’t exactly have it easy, being in the Western Conference with 6 of the 8 best clubs in the NHL. The result of stiff competition: a recent semi-slide that has seen the Avalanche’s early season playoff cushion largely erased.

Internal frustration revealed itself publicly following a disappointing 4-3 loss to the Calgary Flames on Monday. After the game, veteran goaltender J. S. Giguere called out his team; accused them of lacking in certain areas conducive with winning hockey games. Giguere told media his team needs to be “hungrier at the nets, both nets.” (Quote courtesy of The Score)

Upon being made aware of Giguere’s comments, Avs head coach Patrick Roy was not impressed. He turned the tables on his netminder who he believes needs to be better. Regarding Giguere, Roy told media:

“He should stand up and say, ‘I’m not playing up to what I should,’ and he did not. He needs to be better, and we need him playing better. Period.”

Quote courtesy of The Score. Read full article here.