Winnipeg Jets: helmet stealing Hawks fan makes donation to True North Foundation

It was one of the most bizarre moments of the 2013-14 NHL season. In a game at the United Center in Chicago between the Blackhawks and Winnipeg Jets on November 7th, Jets defenceman Adam Pardy was body-checked into the corner boards, breaking the glass, exposing himself to the Chicago faithful. One fan took it upon himself to seize the moment, and also seize Pardy’s helmet off his head, while a very angry looking woman dumped a pint of beer over the defender. Haven’t seen it or want to watch it again? The NHL‘s YouTube Channel has you covered:

Video of Adam Pardy incident with fan courtesy of the NHL’s YouTube Channel. Subscribe here

The helmet stealing Hawks fan felt bad for his impulsive actions. According to a statement made by the True North Foundation (Winnipeg Jets Ownership) the Helmet Guy offered up a sincere apology to the Jets organization and made a donation to True North.

Tonight the Blackhawks and Jets meet for the first time since the incident – this time, in Winnipeg before a loud and proud hometown crowd that would boo a player at deafening levels if there was one to single out. However, there is no specific Hawks player to isolate and torment for the “Helmet Incident”, thus, a media stunt was orchestrated encouraging Jets fans to pile into the MTS Centre wearing helmets as a way of mocking the ordeal that occurred in Chicago.

The “Sea of Helmets”, however, will not be witnessed tonight. Jets ownership made it clear yesterday that any fan wearing or possessing a helmet would be refused entrance to the game. True North president and CEO Mark Chipman was firm about the cut-and-dry nature of the No-Helmet policy at MTS:

“We could use the word ‘strongly discourage’ [or] ‘really wish you wouldn’t,’ but I don’t think there’s any — I just don’t think there’s any margin for error on this one. We’re just not going to permit it tomorrow night.”

Quote courtesy of CBC. Read full story here.