Calgary Flames: Jarome Iginla honoured in his city

Last night was Jarome Iginla‘s return to the place he did magical things on the ice and within the community. Prior to the game the Calgary Flames honoured the franchise’s greatest player with a tribute video, and the crowd stood in cheer for a few moments to welcome home Iggy.

There hasn’t been a lot to cheer about for the Flames in recent seasons, thus making last night’s emotional return of the captain an event the hometown fans could look forward to, embrace, and cherish afterward. It was a special night.

The NHL’s YouTube channel posted the following Iginla tribute video:

The scene was electric in Calgary; Iginla jerseys everywhere and screaming fans, some with tears in their eyes, gave loud praise aimed at number 12 in thanks for his long service, multiple franchise records, and 500+ goals in a Flames jersey. Below is video of the full pre-game tribute, including a lengthy standing ovation to the chant of “Iggy!” “Iggy!”

And when the game finally came to its end, the Bruins 2-1 victors, the crowd gave Iginla one last showing of appreciation for the night, with a victory lap curtain call. Iginla, modestly tried to be on and off quickly, but his Bruin teammates who returned to the bench in support of their new Stanley Cup inspiration, wouldn’t let number 12 back on the bench until he did a proper lap while the fans screamed his name. It’s obvious by watching the video that the Bruins accomplished leadership core have a lot of respect for Jarome Iginla. To watch Iginla’s victory lap click this link to