Henrik Lundqvist signs a king’s contract with the New York Rangers

Only days after sitting him in two-straight games for the first time since 2011, the New York Rangers have inked star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist to a massive contract that will see him earn $8.5 million per season for the next seven years. All the big-hitters on the hockey news breaking front have confirmed Lundqvist’s new deal via Twitter:

According to Cap Geek dot com, who have posted Lundqvist’s new contract within minutes of its unofficial announcement, the Rangers netminder will earn $59.5 million over the next seven seasons.

Lundqvist’s cap hit of $8.5 mil is the largest yearly hit in the NHL amongst goaltenders, over a million more per season than next-in-liners Pekka Renna and Tuukka Rask who earn an annual $7 million against the salary cap.

Cap figures courtesy of Cap Geek dot com

In case you missed the press conference, the New York Rangers Twitter account shared it in two parts, as seen below once clicked: