Hockey Morning in Canada: Canucks play Penguins at 10 AM Pacific Time

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.

It is extremely rare for an NHL team to play as early as the Vancouver Canucks will today in Pittsburgh against the Penguins. The Pacific time zoned club will have puck for breakfast as their 1:00 EDT game happens to transpire at 10 AM in Vancouver.

Maybe the players are accustomed to functioning under multiple time zones, but for the fans, this must be weird.

It’s Saturday, a great day for beer and pizza while watching your favourite hockey team. However, Canucks loyalists who live on the west coast may consider eggs and coffee for this one.

To make matters worse, the Canucks are up against one of the best teams in the NHL this morning. The Pittsburgh Penguins are off to a strong beginning, their record, a dominant 6-1-0.

Captain Sidney Crosby has recorded 14 points through 7 games to start the season. He sits #1 on the NHL leader board for points, a place he’s familiar with while healthy. Stopping Sid will be a wake up call for Ryan Kesler and supporting staff who typically haven’t even taken to ice for morning skate by the time the puck drops for today’s inter-conference challenge.

The Canucks are off to a decent start in 2013-14. They claim a winning record of 5-3-0 after eight played. Earning their 6th win of the campaign will be a difficult task today, considering it’s morning, and it’s the highly offensive Pittsburgh Penguins they’ll wake up to.