Milan Lucic takes back harsh words about Vancouver

Milan Lucic, Boston Bruins.

MIlan Lucic, Boston Bruins. Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Boston Bruins star Milan Lucic was involved in an off-ice altercation last weekend in his hometown after a game against the Vancouver Canucks. The Bruins bruiser was “attacked” on the street by some unknown street fighter. There is a YouTube video.

Lucic spoke with Boston media about the altercation on Monday. Number 17 was not happy that he cannot feel safe walking the streets of Vancouver, and he claimed to be done with Van City; done defending it, too. Read more here.

Time heals wounds, as they say, thus Lucic has recanted his harsh words about Vancouver. He told media the following in a statement that will be his last commentary on this topic:

“This has been a very difficult week for me given the recent events that took place in my hometown of Vancouver. As I have had more time to think I want to make it clear that regardless of what has happened, I am still – and always be – proud to be from there. It is home. While the actions of a few individuals have deeply upset me and will impact the time I spend downtown going forward, I will not let those incidents diminish the love and pride I have for the city as a whole. This will be my final comment on this subject.”

Quote courtesy of the Boston Bruins official team website.