Montreal Canadiens: George Parros suffers second concussion this season

We all remember the first concussion of George Parros‘s season – an opening night face plant in a fight gone wrong against the Toronto Maple Leafs that left the fighter laying bloody and motionless on the cold hard Bell Centre ice. Saturday night, in a game against the New York Islanders, Parros earned his second concussion of the season, this time, without all the dramatics of being wheeled off on a stretcher.

In his Hockey Night In Canada tilt against Islanders heavyweight Eric Boulton, Parros was on the brunt end of some blows from Boulton, that afterward left the Habs enforcer wobbly, and caused him to miss the remainder of the game, a 1-0 Canadiens win in overtime.

The following day it was revealed by Montreal head coach Michel Therrien that Parros did indeed suffer his second concussion of the season and will be evaluated on a day-by-day basis.

For more information about Parros’s concussion read this injury update from CBC.