Spin-O-Rama Problems

The National Hockey League made a statement about the infamous Spin-O-Rama move that has been adding controversy to shootouts for several years now. Should it be legal? Personal opinions aside, it is legal, if executed properly.

Here is what NHL executive vice president and director of hockey operations, Colin Campbell had to say about a conference call with NHL general managers, explaining the legality of the spin-o-rama shootout move:

“What I said to the managers on our call, to managers and coaches, to make sure to inform the players that if they do try this move that we will be examining it closely and they could very well have a goal taken back………It could happen if 1) there is interference on the goaltender or 2) the puck stops completely or 3) their motion stops completely and/or reverses.”

In the Toronto Maple Leafs home opener against the Ottawa Senators on Saturday night, it was Mason Raymond’s spin-o-rama goal that held up as the shootout winner.



Senators head coach Paul MacLean had a funny comment when asked his opinion about the Spin-O-Rama. MacLean said, “I think it’s a very unfair play for the goaltender for the guy to come in and blow snow on him. [But] I’m only a fisherman from Nova Scotia, so I don’t know nothin’ about nothin.'” 

The Spin-O-Rama is certainly not new to Mason Raymond’s bag of tricks, nor did it make its debut Saturday night in Toronto. Here are some of the NHL’s most infamous spin-o-rama attempts over the last few seasons.


Steven Stamkos Spin-O-Rama Against Carey Price On Penalty Shot (2010)


Todd Bertuzzi Spin-O-Rama To Clinch Victory In Shootout Against Phoenix Coyotes (2012)


Lars Eller Scores His 4th Goal Of The Game On A Spin-O-Rama Penalty Shot Goal Against The Winnipeg Jets (2012) 


Mikhail Grabovski Scores Spin-O-Rama Against His Future Team The Washington Capitals (2010) 


Grabovski’s At It Again With An Original Variation Of The Spin-O-Rama (2011)


Kaspers Daugavins Fails To Score On A Very Bizarre Spin-O-Rama Attempt (2013)