Toronto Maple Leafs honour Bon Jovi as first member on Wall of Fame

Traditionally, NHL hockey clubs honour their best players in celebration of a spectacular, memorable career. But the Toronto Maple Leafs have changed all that with a break from tradition and a jump into trend setting. On November 3rd of this month, MLSE raised a banner to the rafters in honour of rock band Bon JoviBon Jovi story courtesy of the Toronto Star. Read full article here

Jon Bon Jovi is good friends with MLSE CEO Tim Leiweke. The rocker also has a strong connection to the city of Toronto, having performed live at the Air Canada Centre more than any other act, not including the city’s sports franchises. Bon Jovi told the Toronto Star:

“Since 1984, Canada and especially Toronto have been there for the band and myself. We have had so many memories together and look forward to many more.”

Quote courtesy of the Toronto Star. Read full article here.

The story gets even crazier. Apparently the rock ‘n’ roll legend is part of a team that will attempt to purchase the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and move the franchise to Toronto. Read on, courtesy of the Toronto Star.