St. Louis Blues: Ken Hitchcock says he’s “never seen so many good teams in one conference”

Ken Hitchcock, St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues head coach Ken Hitchcock. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

The Western Conference has been considered best for many years now, but this season its superiority is really on display. If the playoffs were to start today, only one team from the Eastern Conference would be good enough to make the postseason in the West – that team would be the Boston Bruins with enough points to possess 8th spot in the West right now.

St. Louis Blues head coach Ken Hitchcock says he’s never seen it so one-sided since he started coaching in the NHL back in 1995. And Hitchcock coached through some years where the best teams in the league were all Western Conference clubs – his Dallas Stars, and the Detroit Red Wings, Colorado Avalanche and St. Louis Blues of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Hitchcock’s Blues are impressively 16-3-3 this season, spotting them third in the conference. However, their current standing is not safe and secure. The Blues are only three-points ahead of the eighth place Phoenix Coyotes. A bad span of five games could knock Hitchcock’s club right out of the top eight.

The Western Conference is home to eight of the top ten records in the NHL. Only the 2013 Eastern Conference finalists’ (8th) Boston Bruins and (10th) Pittsburgh Penguins crack the upper-third of the league.

How much better is the Western Conference?