5 Fantasy Hockey Sleeper Picks

We’ve all drafted our fantasy hockey teams by now, but in some leagues, like the one I am in, there is an option to pick up players on the waiver wire or free agency. If you’re in a pool like the one I just described, I’d like to tell you about 10 players who are probably available in your league, and worth a spot on your fantasy hockey team.

Tim Thomas

Let’s look at the facts here. Tim Thomas has won 2 Vezina trophies in the last five years. If you’re wondering which other goaltenders have achieved similar success, I will tell you the answer to that is zero.

Thomas may have forced heads to shake in dismay when he decided to take a year off, but he left the game, at the top of his game. And, although one season away can completely ruin a player Thomas’ age, Tank is not like most others – he has defied logic and reason his entire career.

Lest we not forget that the Florida Panthers were a playoff team as recently as two seasons ago. They missed last season, but last season wasn’t a real season, technically. It was 48 games long, and teams suffering from significant injuries had trouble making the playoffs. The Panthers suffered from significant injuries last season. But they’re healthy now.

David Perron

David Perron plays a skill game that will flourish on the Edmonton Oilers. As a St. Louis Blue, he never got to be flashy and offensive, and that hurt his pool numbers. As a member of the Oilers, that will change.

The Oilers play a high tempo game and they have all the right offensive weapons to score a ton of goals this season. David Perron is one of those weapons. Set free to go on a scoring spree in Edmonton, he is bound to up his production substantially if he can stay healthy.

Dougie Hamilton

Looking for a defenceman? The Bruins’ Dougie Hamilton will be provided ample opportunity for success this season, playing paired up with defensively flawless Zdeno Chara. Like Seth Jones in Nashville, playing alongside Shea Weber, Hamilton enjoys a situation that makes failure borderline impossible.

Hamilton is a tall kid but he’s not the slow lumbering type – he moves and makes plays exceptionally well. And he’s the future in Boston, meaning, he’ll be exposed to all the most optimal scenarios for achieving excellence.

Mike Smith

As much as I’d advise you to never draft a Philadelphia Flyers’ goaltender, I would say, it’s relatively safe to draft a net minder on a Dave Tippett coached team. The Phoenix Coyotes are not too different from the Florida Panthers. Both teams missed the post season in the short 48 game year, but the season prior, both were solid clubs. They’re likely to be solid again this season.

Mike Smith gets shutouts because the Coyotes don’t give up too many scoring opportunities. Smith should produce well for your fantasy hockey team this season.

Matt Moulson

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Everyone knows how good John Tavares is, but the New York Islanders ice another lethal scorer every night, and his name is Matt Moulson. The Islanders winger has become a proven scoring threat over the last few seasons, and, most fantasy hockey owners overlook his capabilities.

If you think Tavares is going to improve on last season and really challenge for a scoring title in 2013-14, consider his goal scoring line mate Matt Moulson, a pretty good option on your fantasy squad.