New Jersey Devils: Jaromir Jagr ties Mario Lemieux and Gordie Howe with beauty game-winner

Jaromir Jagr ties Mario Lemieux

Jaromir Jagr when he was with the Philadelphia Flyers. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

You don’t win 5 Art Ross trophies because you’re kind of a good hockey player. In fact, you just don’t win 5 Art Ross trophies – unless you’re one of those generational talents who is capable of dominating a competitive era for a lengthy period of time. Jaromir Jagr was dominant pre-KHL days. And his return to the NHL that began at the start of the 2011-12 season with the Philadelphia Flyers has been a treat for all of us who regularly enjoy a good ol’ hackey game on the tele from time-to-time.

Last night Jagr was being Jagr – scoring game-winners, breaking records, and smiling as if he was a rookie in his first NHL game. At the 2:30 mark of overtime, the talented number 68 scored a goal of triple significance. Jagr’s finish won his team the game, tied Gordie Howe’s record for most game-winners, and equalled former teammate Mario Lemieux for ninth on the all-time goal scorer’s list. Feast your eyes on Jaromir Jagr’s milestone moment, shared by the NHL‘s YouTube channel:

Video of Jagr’s record tying goal courtesy of the NHL’s YouTube channel. Subscribe here

Jagr told the Vancouver Sun he was lucky to play with Super Mario when he broke into the league as a Czech Republican mullet on skates:

I learned so many things from him. There aren’t many people lucky to play with the best player in the world. I tell all the young kids, ‘When you have a chance when you come into the league and you play with the best player in the world, watch him because you can learn a lot.’ I was pretty lucky to see him at his best.”

Quote courtesy of the Vancouver Sun. Read full article here

He won’t stay stuck at ninth for long, either. Five goals from now Jagr will have passed Steve Yzerman (692) and Mark Messier (694). If he can manage to pot another 51 over the span of this season and next (assuming he plays next year) he will score his way into third all-time. For him to hit second place, he’d need to pass Gordie Howe’s 801. And, for Jagr to hit first on the all-time goal scoring list he would need to score another 204 goals, which would take the 41-year-old at least seven more seasons, if not more. Can you picture Jagr in the NHL seven years from now? Stranger things have happened.

The most impressive thing about 41-year-old Jaromir Jagr is that he’s not one of those old guys who needs to retire – Jags is still good – he’s still got it.