Forbes ranks the Toronto Maple Leafs the NHL’s most valuable franchise

Toronto Maple Leafs logo. Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Toronto Maple Leafs logo. Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Once again, topping the list of most valuable franchise in the National Hockey League is the Toronto Maple Leafs, according to yesterday’s valuation by Forbes magazine. The Leafs have topped the list for several years straight now.

The Blue & White are worth an estimated $1.15 billion, which ranks significantly higher than the next closest franchise, the New York Rangers, whose estimated worth is approximately $850 million.

NHL team valuations courtesy of Forbes. Read full article here

Rounding out the top five, the Montreal Canadiens are estimated to be worth $775 mil, whereas the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks are worth $700 and $625 million, respectively.

Canadian teams make up seven of the top sixteen, with the Winnipeg Jets ranking sixteenth.

Forbes has been ranking NHL franchises by valuation since 2004, or at least that’s how far back an Internet search will reveal. Going back to the earliest accessible online Forbes ranking, a lot has changed in the top five. In 04′ the New York Rangers were valued the highest, followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers, Dallas Stars and Detroit Red Wings, in that order. However, when clicking the link, you will discover much of this archived old ranking is no longer visible, therefore, actual team worths from 2004 cannot be found at Forbes dot com.

Conclusion, the Leafs are worth a lot of money and Canada’s doing alright: