Former NHL players file class-action lawsuit against league

Did you see this one coming? Yesterday it was announced that ten former NHL players have filed a class-action law suit against the National Hockey League. The players who sued the league are NHL alumnus: Gary Leeman, Brad Aitken, Darren Banks, Curt Bennett, Richard Dunn, Warren Holmes, Bob Manno, Blair Stewart, Morris Titanic, and Rick Vaive.

According to Sean Gentille’s article for Sporting News, the ten former players responsible for filing the lawsuit against the NHL are claiming the following:

1. The 1997 introduction of a concussion program arrived too late.

2. Upon instilling a concussion policy, or program, the NHL didn’t take enough action to move forward with the program.

3. The NHL’s slow progression regarding concussion policy was harmful to players.

4. The NHL was responsible for informing and protecting players.

5. The league is still, to this day, not doing enough to protect players.

Paraphrased claims courtesy of the Sporting News. Read full article here

The National Hockey League did not take long to release a public statement. Courtesy of, a statement by Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly:

“We are aware of the class action lawsuit filed today in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on behalf of a group of former NHL Players. While the subject matter is very serious, we are completely satisfied with the responsible manner in which the league and the Players’ Association have managed Player safety over time, including with respect to head injuries and concussions. We intend to defend the case vigorously and have no further comment at this time.”

Quote courtesy of the NHL. View full update here.

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